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    Win a Samsung ATIV smart PC! (2013) 

    Samsung is now conducting a contest called “advocate BREAKMILANAHI”.The contest is conducted through facebook and is opened only for 18+ Indians.The contest ends on July 5th.
    The price is a Samsung ATIV smart PC!

    How to win?
    Visit the link below and follow the instructions.

     Click to enter now!

    Click here for HTC smartphone giveaways!

    Click here for other giveaways!

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    How To Speed Up Your Blogger Blog Load Time? 

    Speed Up Your Blogger Blog Load Time?

    No one like waiting even for a very short time.Slow webpages tend to have higher bounce rates.I have recently blogged the way you can understand what causes your site to load slower using the Google’s PageSpeed Insights.But how can you use these suggestions to improve webpage load time.There is no single tool to improve your webpage load time rapidly but there are several tools which can be used together to achieve this.Let’s get on to these tools and tips without further explanation.

    Before starting with these tips check your webpage speed score here.

    Tips And Tools To Speed Up Webpage Load Time

    Note:The tools and tips may not be in order of importance.

    1 ) Avoid Too Many Javascripts OR Add Them Before Closing Body Tag

    Avoid Too Many Javascripts

    Some extra features are good for your blog but more of them can kill your blog.Too many java scripts in your blog can cause your site to load too slower.Therefore find time to remove unnecessary javascripts.If you want to have them all,then it is better to host the javascripts externally and paste it at the end of body tag ( before < /body> ).This will allow the site to load first and then the javascripts so that the user can read the content while the javascript is loading.

    2 ) Compress The Codes

    Text don’t eat up space but compressing large chunks of text can help you save at least a few kilo bytes.You can use online code compressors such as htmlcompressor or javascriptcompressor to compress your codes.What it does is remove the spaces in between the codes in order to save bytes.

    How to compress blogger template? Copy the entire template code from the Edit HTML option and paste it in the htmlcompressor and click compress.Now replace the entire blogger template with the compressed code from HTML compressor.

    A compressed code will not be properly formatted so that you won’t be able to work on it.There are several websites that allow to beautify or format html codes.One such is Online Code Beautifier.You can use this tool to properly format the compressed HTML to work on it.

    3 ) Limit The Number Of Posts On Homepage

    Too many posts in the homepage can lead to delay in loading homepage.It is therefore recommended to limit the number of posts on the homepage.You can do that by going to the layout tab and then click edit on Blog Posts.Enter the number of posts on your homepage and hit save.
    Note:Blogger has a size limit of 1 mb on the homepage.If you are experiencing issues on all gadgets/posts not being loaded it is likely that you exceed the limit so far.
    Limit The Number Of Posts On Homepage

    4 ) Add Line Breaks Even If You Are Using Auto Readmore

    Line breaks are a great feature that allows you to break the post into small paragraphs.This will allow post to to displayed partially on the blogger homepage with a read more link.You might not be knowing that anything after the line break is not loaded in the homepage or anywhere you use a read more link.This will drastically improve the page load time of your homepage if you display only post summary on homepage.
    Add Line Breaks Even If You Are Using Auto Readmore
    Why to add line breaks for templates with auto readmore? Most of the new blogger templates has auto read more function.What it does is that it displays only a limited number of characters in the homepage without the need for adding a line break.This will help you to get  uniform sized post summaries on your homepage.But auto readmore function loads the entire post and then displays its post summary which means increasing the homepage size.Therefore you will experience site not properly loaded issues.Therefore always add a line break after your first paragraph even in your auto read more template.

    5 ) Compress Images

    Images take some time to load.Therefore it is important to add images after compressing.You can use image optimizer,jpeg-optimizer, or compress now.If you are adding images using the add url method it is important to make sure that you add the image from popular websites.This will make sure that the images are hosted on fast servers which can improve the image loading time.
    Compress Images

    6 ) Reduce The Number Of Gadgets

    Reduce The Number Of Gadgets

    Most of the blogs contain so many gadgets.Many of these are useless.Therefore it is important to make sure that your blog has only has useful gadgets.Remember your visitors need content not gadgets.Therefore removing the worthless gadgets from your blog  can help you speed up your blog load time.

    7 ) Try Removing Background Images

    Background images makes your blog look good.You can see that I have added a background image to my blog header.But this can result in slow loading time.Background images used in blogs are usually very small sized image.The image is then fitted onto the screen using repeat functions.Removing background images can surely help you speed up load time.Background images are added using CSS code like 
    #Widget-id{background:url (‘image url’) repeat center center fixed;}

    8 ) Avoid Too Many Ads

    Monetizing your blog to generate revenue from ads is not a bad idea but adding too many ads from different networks is definitely a bad idea.I have recently added an ad from mad ads media at the top header.But since after it I saw drastic slow speeds in load time.Therefore I removed those ads to deliver speed to my users.
    Avoid Too Many Ads

    9 ) Avoid Too Many External Style Sheets Or Javascripts

    If you have large piles of codes in your template then it is better to host your large stylesheets and javascripts externally.If you have already hosted it externally make check out how you did that.Even if you are having too much codes you should make sure that you add all the codes into a single external source rather than too many external stylesheets ans javascripts.Also make sure that you compressed your style sheets and javascripts before hosting like I mentioned earlier.
    Avoid Too Many External Style Sheets Or Javascripts

    10 ) Use Fast Loading Templates

    Clean coded templates and fast loading templates will also help you speed up webpage load time.I have already shared some amazing blogger templates for free very recently.You can find fast loading templates there.
    Fast loading free blogger template
    Now check your blog speed score again using google pagespeed insights.Compare your before and after score of your blog and leave it in the comments.if you have any points that you would like to see in this post please tell us in the comments.If you find any mistakes in this post please tell us in the comments so we can improve it.
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    SKYRIM LEGENDARY SWEEPTAKES (Opened Internationally) 

    CyberPower Inc. giving one lucky fan the all-new Skyrim: Legendary Edition signed by Bethesda executive producer and video game director Todd Howard AND our own legendary Fangbook HX7-200 gaming laptop! Get bonus entries by liking and tagging #cyberpowerpcguy !

    Sweepstakes is a global giveaway!

    Participate in the sweeptakes by clicking the link below!

    To learn more about the offer and to visit the source site,click here.
    Click to enter
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    What Is The Best Color Of Links For High Conversions? 

    Color of links plays a major role in high conversions.Links usually get well clicked when the color stands out rather than blended.Most people usually has blue color for hyperlinks.

    What Color Can I Use For Hyperlinks?

    You can use any color that you want for hyperlinks but for high conversion rates you need to have an active color than a passive color.
    An active color is the color that you use on your websites for all the clickable items.
    A passive color is the color that you use on your website for decorations,titles.etc.

    What We Suggest?

    We suggest you to use any color that stands out on your blog.
    For example: Our site’s passive color is red.We use red for titles,buttons,etc.If we use the same red color for links a user gets confused because for some red is non clickable while for other it means clickable.So we need a color that stands out.In our site we used blue for hyperlink.This will make a user to click on the link and also makes him aware that all the text in this color are links.

    The following video will give a better understanding on this topic.


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    Speed up buffering in Youtube (100% working-2014) 

    Does it take too long to buffer a video on Youtube?Have you tried several methods to speed up and still is it taking too long?Then don’t worry we have a solution for you.Youtube has a feature which is currently in beta version called “Feather”.
    This is what they describe about “Feather”.

    The “Feather” project is intended to serve YouTube video watch pages with the lowest latency possible. It achieves this by severely limiting the features available to the viewer and making use of advanced web techniques for reducing the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser.
    It is a work in progress and may not work for all videos.

    To join “Feather”

    1. Visit
    2. Click on Join the “Feather” beta button.

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    Online Word Counter Tool 

    Word Counter is a tool which counts the number of words in an inputted group of text.This is a very useful tool for bloggers and webmasters to understand the length of their post.

    How To Use?
    Simply copy-paste the text for which you want to count the number of words in the box below.Then press ‘Calculate Words’ button to count.

    Is the tool not working as it should? Report Us

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    Recommended Method To Open Password Protected Zip File Without Password 

    Recommended Method To Open Password Protected Zip File Without Password

    It has now been common that at least 10 of every 100 files that you download from the internet is password locked.This is locked either because it is scam or the owner doesn’t actually want to share it with you.There is no way to realize whether it is fake or not other than just opening the password protected file.Getting the passwords to unlock these are quite difficult because most of them are locked down in surveys.I have already told you how to open password protected zip file without password in my previous posts.I have seen a great positive response to my how to open password protected rar file without password posts.Therefore I will share a similar trick to unlock zip files without password in this post.

    Things You Will Need

    • A good PC (It’s better if you have a good one)
    • Ultimate Zip Cracker Software

    Steps To Open Password Protected Zip File Without Password

    1. Download Ultimate Zip Cracker from the above link.
    2. Install it following the steps in the read me file.
    3. Start the program after successful installation.
    4. Set the path of the zip file.
    5. Choose the search method as password wizard (recommended for most cases).
    6. Click start and choose the appropriate options in the password recovery wizard (we recommend you to skip unnecessary methods like date search for faster search).
      Ultimate Zip cracker
      Always check the appropriate options in the recovery wizard.
    7. Copy the password from the pop up and unlock your zip file.
      unlock password protected zip file
      Pop up with the password

    If that doesn’t work…

    If you are unable to retrieve the password for the locked zip file after following the above steps then we recommend you to choose the search method as dictionary attack and then for brute force attack.Brute force attack can take so long depending upon password length.Choose the settings appropriately.
    Video Tutorial
    To learn more about each recovery methods and to learn where to use them,make sure to watch the video right below.

    If you still have trouble or if you find it difficult to choose a search method then tell us in the comments.We will try to find a solution for you.If you find any mistakes in this post tell us in the comments.
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    Make most money out of your Adsense account! [Best methods like flipping market is explained] 

    Are you trying to make more money from adsense?Aren’t you receiving payouts every month from adsense?Is your CPC,CTR,RPM low?Don’t worry the tips provided in the video will surely help you get the maximum from your adsense account.

    Make sure you watch the entire video.
    Thanks to the video uploader for this amazing tips.

    A must have gadget for Adsense Publishers!

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    Visit our youtube channel.
    Tell us if you want a post to be published here.Use the contact us page for your suggestions and requests.
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    Update your drivers with Driver Booster{It’s free} 

    Iobit's driver boosterOutdated drivers may heavily affect your PC’s performance and lead to system crashes.Therefore it is important to update your drivers to the latest for reliable performance.There are several driver update manager software s in the market for a small amount.But if you want to have one for free there aren’t many.We cannot completely rely on the free driver updating softwares because most of them update the drivers to the latest but no the company certified drivers.Therefore it is important to download a good driver updater software.
    One of the free driver updater software is Driver Booster.It scans and identifies outdated drivers automatically.You can choose which drivers to  download and it installs drivers just in one click.Moreover, it is specially designed to tweak drivers for best gaming performance. It’s the right tool to protect your PC from hardware failures, conflicts, and system crashes.The software is made by Iobit which is a well known company for it’s game booster.
    There are currently two versions of Driver Booster-Free version and Pro version.

    Screenshot of driver booster


    • Auto scan and update
    • Settings for auto scan weekly,monthly,biweekly and daily
    • Awesome design
    • Certified drivers
    • Update all option
    • Classification for existing drivers as old,very old and ancient
    • Shows the driver category (e.g:audio input & output)
    • It’s free

    I have used this software and I am extremely happy with this free driver updater software.

    Free Download Driver Booster

    Other Driver Updater Softwares

    • Device Doctor-Device Doctor is a free Windows application that scans your computer hardware and checks to see if there are new driver updates available for your devices. It also locates drivers for “unidentified devices” in the Windows Device Manager.You can download it here.
    • DriverMax-It allows you to easily update drivers to the latest version.They also help you find the rarest drivers.Their export feature allows you to export the downloaded drivers in a zip file.You can download it here.
    Further Reading: Speed up direct downloads
                                 Speed up browsing in chrome,firefox and IE

    Have I missed to explain something?Leave your views on this software in the comments.

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      How to create amazing intros for your video for free? 


      Video intros are great way to start a video.Intros are especially needed when you are starting a video series like one in youtube.Morever good intros can hook up your viewers for a longer period of time.But if you are not a good video creator then ask someone else to do it for you.If you are interested in creating one yourself then here are the ways how you can do it.


      Flixpress is  a website which allows you to create video intros for free.This website has both paid and free templates to work with.Once completed you can download the file to your computer.This is the simplest method to create a video intro for beginners.Take a look at a sample video that I have created with flixpress.

      Get Free Templates Online

      If you have a basic knowledge on  using video editing software such as adobe after effects then it is better to download templates for it and then download it.You can search for adobe after effects,etc. templates on google.This way you can have further customizations than before.Youtube is also a great place to look for template files.Take a look at the video that was created using after effects template.Check it here.

      Hire Professionals

      If you are looking to create more professional video intros then hand this duty to others.You can find someone to do this job in for just 5$.
      Best of luck creating video intros!
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