Aug 16, 2017

The 5 Best Toilet Papers

There are dozens of products in your home that you take for granted, and some things you buy are unmentionables. You might try to shove the package in the corner of the cart so your fellow shoppers don’t notice, but running out can constitute a household emergency.

Discussing your favorite toilet paper isn’t exactly the subject of casual conversation, but most people have a preference for what they use for their family. There are differences in both softness, price and quality, and it does matter what products you buy. After all, while it may be taboo to talk about, toilet paper is something that every person uses every single day, and some brands are simply better than others.

Charmin Ultra Strong

This toilet paper shines in both strength and absorbency, but it isn’t the softest tissue on the list. Still, it’s a heavy-duty and long-lasting product with a diamond-weave texture that can absorb a lot while still being comfortable on sensitive areas. Because of its durability, Charmin Ultra Strong lasts a long time, and you can expect to use fewer squares per visit than with some other brands, making it more affordable than it first appears.

Charmin is a widely available toilet paper brand, and Charmin Ultra Strong is a popular product sold at retailers as varied as Walmart and Amazon, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this top toilet paper pick. Depending on where you purchase and what package size you select, you can get this tissue for as little as $1 per roll.

Scott Extra Soft

Many people identify Scott toilet tissue as the budget-friendly, 1-ply toilet paper that provides no-fuss cleaning when your only priority is functionality. However, Scott does make other products that are more focused on comfort like Scott Extra Soft. In independent testing, this tissue paper gets high marks for its comfortable texture. It is also ideal for septic systems as it dissolves quickly, and it is an affordable toilet paper. It does, however, deposit tissue lint more than some other choices, so keep that in mind if that is something that bothers you.

Every major American retailer carries Scott toilet paper, and you can expect to pay as little as 50 cents per roll at competitively priced department stores like Walmart and Target. It is also available via mail order suppliers for home delivery.

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care

With its rippled texture and soft feel, Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care wins high marks across the board and is a favorite in many households. It’s a balanced tissue paper, combining all the high points that users look for in a toilet paper, including wet strength, cleaning power and softness. While it’s universally liked, this tissue seems to work particularly well for women, likely because it really shines in gentle absorbency and doesn’t leave a lot of lint. It works well in septic systems, but the perforations sometimes miss the boat, and you may not get a clean tear with every use.

At about 75 cents per roll, Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care is a mid-priced tissue paper. You can purchase it at any major retailer such as Target and Walmart as well as online shops like and Amazon.

Angel Soft Softness and Strength

If you’re someone who buys different tissues for different bathrooms in your home, then you will probably find Angel Soft Softness and Strength to be a good option for your budget bathrooms that are used by children or guests. Angel Soft is reasonably comfortable and very inexpensive while still getting the job done effectively. In addition, even if you have family members who like to use fistfuls of toilet paper, this choice resists clogging and dissolves well as it goes down your pipes.

Angel Soft Softness and Strength is sold in many different package sizes, so you’ll need to compare each option to find out your best price. On average, you can expect to pay roughly 45 cents or less per roll of this tissue paper. The brand commands a large section of the Walmart toilet paper aisle and is also carried by other well-known retailers across the country.

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong

While you can go cross-eyed trying to differentiate between different brands of toilet papers, Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong gets points for consistency above anything else. The brand is reliable with nice perforations and even thickness from sheet to sheet. It absorbs nicely, and the double-ply design lends itself well to both strength and softness. It can clog finicky sewer systems, however, so it may not be the best choice for someone who gets a bit liberal with their tissue use.

When shopping at Walmart, buyers pay about 50 cents for a double roll of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong. You can also find this top-rated pick at any other retailer or online shop that carries Quilted Northern products.

Unless you find yourself using a product that really chaps your hide, you likely don’t give a lot of thought to your toilet paper. However, irritation and annoyance are real, and using a quality tissue will make your daily unmentionables a little more comfortable. Like most families, you’re sure to find a favorite toilet paper by just experimenting and trying new products until you find the one that’s the best fit for your needs.

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