Aug 16, 2017

The 5 Best Paper Towels

Paper towels are one of many modern conveniences that are taken for granted because these consumables are affordable and widely accessible. They’re used for a wide range of simple tasks, including cleaning surfaces and hand drying, and this often leads to them being overlooked. We argue that this is a great reason to stop overlooking, and start paying attention. If you’re using subpar products for the most basic tasks in your life, they’ll seem much more troublesome than they need to be!

Not all paper towels are made alike. There are no specific standards to guide the manufacturing qualities of paper towels, but it remains crucial for you to choose the right paper towel that would get the job done right on the first attempt. For this to happen, we’re going to evaluate the quality of absorbency because this factor affects how quickly and successfully your paper towel can do the job.


Bounty paper towels appears to be the gold standard when it comes to these paper products. The disposable towels are two-ply, making them one of the thickest with an absorbency rate of about 90 percent or 0.6 ounces by weight, possibly due to the deep waffle design on the surface. The double-ply thickness enhances durability so that the paper towel is useful even for heavy scrubbing tasks. Bounty paper towels do not come apart quickly, and they do not leave a lint residue, which makes them useful for cleaning smooth and glass surfaces.

Bounty paper towels come in a standard size or a select-a-size design to reduce waste. This brand is heavily textured to aid absorbency, yet the surface texture is smooth enough to use on the face and other body parts. Bounty paper towels have received the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.


Brawny has a cloth-like texture that ensures that the paper is not dragged across sensitive skin. Absorbency rate is 0.7 ounces by weight, which is higher than the rate of absorption of Bounty paper towels. This paper brand is durable even when the paper towel is still wet. Brawny comes in full-size sheets for heavy tasks or pick-a-size for users who want more customized sizing for efficient usage. Brawny paper towels are among the most durable paper products even when wet. Water absorption is at or almost 100 percent for Brawny paper towels.


Sparkle paper towels boast of their thirst pockets that supposedly assure that liquids are absorbed effectively. However, cleanup takes longer with Sparkle towels. You will use more Sparkle paper towel sheets to clean up the same amount of mess that one regular sheet of Bounty can clean up. Sparkle sheets are thin although they can hold their own against other national brands when it comes to texture. These towels leave little lint residue when used for scrubbing surfaces.


Scott paper towels were the first ever paper towels on the market. They were developed by the Scott Paper Company as hygiene products. The first paper towels were designed as folded flat sheets instead of the perforated rolls that are used today. Scott paper towels are available in the choose-a-size and full-sheet formats.

The texture is comparable with other brands although Scott sheets are not designed with waffles or thirsty pockets. Water absorbency is about 90 percent although it takes longer for a sheet of Scott paper towel to suck up the same amount of liquid that a Bounty sheet could absorb in one minute. Scott towels biggest failure is durability. The sheets tend to fall apart when used to scrub or to sop up a lot of liquid.


Viva paper towels are highly rated when it comes to absorbency and texture. Viva paper sheets are described as sponge-like with regards to their absorbent qualities. The texture is more pronounced because Viva towels are designed for use in tough scrubbing jobs. Viva sheets are promoted as single ply, but the patented V-weave technology makes it seem like there is a second ply. It is great at picking up stains efficiently while leaving a minimum of lint residue. With the grooves, Viva sheets have some texture, that helps with scrubbing dirt and grime while absorbing grease easily.

Price plays a big part in deciding which paper towel will do the best job for your purposes. It is important to evaluate the effective price per sheet instead of relying on the price per roll. Additionally, it makes sense to consider durability and absorbency when deciding which roll gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to paper towels.

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