Apr 27, 2017

Everything to Know About Flying Private

Flying has become extremely popular in recent decades. With an increase in people taking to the air for transportation, flights have become more cost effective over time. However, airplanes and airports have also become more and more packed with people over time, too.

There is a solution to this conundrum, though. Instead of flying commercially, people are starting to consider private flights. The hassle of dealing with a crowd of unknown people is lessened, making it more comfortable for certain people to fly on a private flight as opposed to a packed, commercial plane.

Deciding to fly private has its perks. Planning a private flight includes many of the same processes as booking a commercial flight, but the flight itself is much different.

There are many things to consider before flying private. Here are some of those items.

Travel Budget and Expenses

Believe it or not, the price of booking a private charter has lowered considerably over time. There are a number of factors that go into the cost of any flight, but these factors are especially true for private flights.

With any flight, there are fees to consider. The fees for a private flight will include landing costs, which are dictated by each airport. Depending on the airports you depart and arrive at, these fees can either lower or drive up the cost of your private flight.

There are other fees to consider as well. Some of these fees are related to the time of day the flights take place and how long the flight has to wait at airports.

What to Expect When Flying on a Chartered Flight

People have more control over what happens on an airplane when they decide to go with a private charter. However, there are some things that need to be considered before the flight is booked.

First and foremost, people need to consider the fact that chartered flights have limited room. Therefore, you cannot really bring as much luggage as you want. There might not be as much of a fee for bringing those extra bags, but you need to make sure all of your luggage will fit on the charter before arriving at the airport with it.

One of the greatest things about a chartered flight is the lounge area you have access to while waiting for your plane to be ready. There are fewer people around, so it is rather quiet. Quality internet is provided and not many people are using it at any given time, meaning you can get a lot of work done while you are waiting for your flight.

Scheduling a flight can be a little bit easier, too. The handiest aspect of chartered flights is that they completely revolve around the desired schedule of a few passengers. Therefore, there really is no need to go by a pre-existing flight schedule that certain airlines use in a tried and true way.

This scheduling aspect is really great when it comes to planning departures and arrivals at different airports. Having to make a mad dash across an airport to make a connecting flight simply is not an issue anymore. This concern is also limited considering that a flight can go on a specific route that matches the final destination instead of making multiple flight changes to get to your final destination.

Another freeing aspect of flying private is the removal of unnecessary wait times in the airport. Commercial flights require you to arrive several hours before your departing flight, so you can make it through security and such. Then there’s the added time of everyone boarding the flight.

This wasted time is not as much of concern for private flights. You can usually arrive within an hour of your flight in order to make your way to the private jet. Loading does not take as long, and neither does going through security or walking through the airport.

Working around someone else’s schedule and running on their time are also not factors when booking a private flight. If you decide you want to see a little bit more of Rome while you’re there, a simple phone call makes it happen. You can take a little more time to do the things you want to do instead of rushing to make a flight. With that simple phone call, your flight is automatically rescheduled to meet your time changes without much hassle.

Different Types of Services Offered

Many people are used to the same old complimentary offerings on commercial flights. There are usually sodas of all kinds, water, juices, coffee, and usually alcohol, at an extra cost. Sometimes, on longer flights, a premade meal can be paid for in advance, but it is usually cold by the time it makes its way to you. Most people are used to having the same old snacks on a flight: pretzels and peanuts.

However, these services are much more varied on a private flight. Indulgent chocolates and gourmet meals can be arranged in advance. At the same time, you have greater control over what drinks you want to consume, too.

Specific alcohols can be arranged in advance. Craft beers and fine wines are certainly an option. Unfortunately, the FAA does not allow you to bring your own alcohol onto any aircraft, so such things have to be arranged ahead of time.

Some of these charters are rather comfortable. Instead of being in a cramped chair, some of them offer seating that is as comfortable as any bed. Softer pillows and blankets can also be made available, too.

Is It Possible for Private to Be Affordable?

As mentioned previously, the costs of private flights have come down in recent years. Depending on the airports being used and the amount of time that they have to wait at a given airport, private flights can be rather cost effective. The average person cannot generally afford these flights. However, they are becoming more and more affordable so that more people can make use of them.

People who are used to the costs of commercial flights might be a little alarmed when they first see the cost of a private charter. Usually, these flights are priced by the hour. A jet with a smaller cabin might cost $1,950 to $2,000 per hour, whereas a larger mid-cabin might cost double that amount. The price of a private flight is significantly more expensive because, in a commercial flight, these fees would be spread out among a couple of hundred people, not just you.

If you travel in a small group on a private flight, you can easily share these costs. Depending on the number of people going, the size of the flight, the places being traveled to, and the amenities being served on the flight, the cost can be rather affordable. Not as affordable as commercial flights, but the luxury and control a private flight presents are worth the cost.

A popular form of private flying is having fractional ownership of a jet. Essentially, you share ownership of a private jet with a number of other people, cutting down the cost of owning your own plane but still giving you the benefits. Most times you will have to pay a monthly fee, as well as a fee when you actually travel, and will be locked into a contract. The good news is, you can easily have a plane at your disposal with as little as four hours’ notice, and you can drive right up to it without having to go through the airport.

There are many things to consider when planning to fly privately. Being able to control what happens on the flight, where to fly, and when to fly are all up you and the group you fly with. The hassles of dealing with commercial flight concerns virtually disappears altogether.

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