Dec 13, 2016

20 Crossover SUVs You Need to Know About

The Luxury Liners

Yauhen_D /

Yauhen_D /

These are the cars that spoil you and your passengers, inside and out.


While its larger siblings are more well-known, this hidden gem takes all the BMW luxury you’re used to and crams it into a beautiful subcompact package. If you need a small car with big-car amenities, the X1 is right up your alley.

Nissan Murano

While not technically a luxury vehicle, the Murano comes incredibly close. It is upscale, comfortable and powerful without ever sacrificing driver and passenger comfort.

If looking for an entry-level luxury crossover, you may find the Murano is not only nicer than some luxury options, but cheaper too.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Don’t be fooled by the new name; the GLE is essentially the M-class in disguise.

The GLE is luxurious, powerful and very customizable, with six options for the engine alone. If you do not need more than two rows of seating in your crossover, the GLE’s various options will easily satisfy your every need.

Acura MDX

With impressive power, seating for seven and the innovative Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, there are few things you can fault the Acura MDX for. It is one of the biggest and most spacious luxury crossovers available, so if you need space but don’t want to move up to something like the Cadillac Escalade, this is your car.

The Off-Roaders

Ed Aldridge /

Ed Aldridge /

Here are the cars to take you out into the unknown and bring you back safely.

Jeep Cherokee

Sometimes looked down on as the baby of the Jeep family, the Cherokee is surprisingly effective when it comes to off-roading, especially in the Trailhawk trim. Armed with skid plates, a tow hook, winch and Jeep’s Active Drive Lock all-wheel drive system, this Jeep is just as trail-ready as you would expect a Jeep to be.

Subaru Forester

It may not look it, but this composed little all-wheel drive compact crossover from Subaru has 8.7 inches of ground clearance and a fairly aggressive angle of approach and departure for a daily driver. Opt in for the turbocharged 2.0XT model, and you even have some turbo power to charge up the hills as well.

The Hybrids

Ed Aldridge /

Ed Aldridge /

These are the cars that save money and the environment while still providing ample utility.

Lexus RX Hybrid

At over 30 miles per gallon, over 300 horsepower and the luxury features expected from a Lexus, the RX Hybrid is uniquely uncompromising. There are more efficient cars, more luxurious ones and more powerful ones, but few that can match the new RX Hybrid across all three categories.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

One of the largest hybrid crossovers on the market right now, the Highlander Hybrid is definitely a unique entry on this list. Its large cabin is very practical if you have kids, a lot of gear to carry or both, and its city fuel efficiency makes for a lot of saved gas if you spend a lot of time in suburban traffic.

Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

Subaru’s quirky little crossover is a unique take on the genre – it is essentially a lifted compact hatchback with a hybrid engine. It is the least expensive of the hybrid crossovers and the smallest, making it the crossover hybrid to choose if you value the high seating position and all-wheel drive more than utility space.

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