Dec 13, 2016

20 Crossover SUVs You Need to Know About

The Wagons

Ed Aldridge /

Ed Aldridge /

These cars are not quite your conventional crossovers, blurring the line between passenger car and SUV, but still provide plenty of utility space and all-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

If you wanted a Golf that you can pack for a camping trip and confidently take down a dirt road, your wish has been granted with the 2016 Golf Alltrack.

It is slightly raised from the basic Golf Sportwagen and armed with all-wheel drive. With a passenger-car cabin layout, its great for those not ready to make the jump to a full SUV.

Subaru Outback

One of the best-selling crossovers, the Outback is often left out of the category due to being called a wagon. But it sits higher than many of the other cars on this list and is just as rugged, thanks to its high ground clearance and always-on all-wheel drive. Combine that with its ample storage space, and it out-SUVs many of the ‘real’ crossover SUVs.

The Outlier

Darren Brode /

Darren Brode /

Tesla Model X

This all-electric SUV does not fit into any of the above categories neatly, but just couldn’t be omitted. It is fast, spacious and is probably the most hi-tech vehicle available on the market right now. The only thing keeping it from sweeping every category is its battery-limited range and its very high price tag.

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