May 5, 2017

About Online GED and GED Testing

Earning a high school diploma, or its equivalency, is instrumental in opening doors to a successful career. Unfortunately, there are many barriers that can get in the way of someone being able to earn their high school diploma. For instance, some teens that are eligible for high school are already having to help provide for their family, or a traditional high school setting may simply not be the ideal fit for someone with physical or mental impairments. Either way, working toward earning a GED places anyone without a high school diploma at an advantage when they enter the workforce.

It is important to understand that getting your GED is not just for teenagers. Many adults choose to obtain their high school equivalency certificate to become eligible for promotions at work, or simply to prove that they can do it. Earning your GED gives you confidence both at home and at work, and it is a common first step toward entering college. As you prepare for obtaining your GED, you should know that there are many resources available to help you reach your goals. Use this guide to find out the answers to your questions about GED testing so that you can get on the right path for success.

What Exactly Is a GED Certificate?

There are many misconceptions about what a GED certificate means. Basically, it is an alternative to a traditional high school diploma. While obtaining a high school diploma requires completing a specific course of curriculum, a GED allows you to bypass the time involved with high school classes by proving your mastery of certain concepts through a written test.

Will Earning a GED Mean the Same Thing as a High School Diploma?

People often worry that potential employers and college admissions staff will not view a GED certificate as being the same as a high school diploma. However, new standards in testing have made the GED a highly regarded certificate in the workforce, as well as in academic fields. In fact, many employers prefer a GED because it means that a person has proven their knowledge on a test rather than jumping through the hoops required to earn a high school diploma.

What Is the Process for Getting a GED?

The process for getting a GED can vary somewhat depending upon how long you have been out of school and how confident you are that you can pass the test. To start, you will need to make sure that you are eligible. For most states, you will need to be a citizen of the location where you will be testing. There are also age restrictions in place, and those who are between the ages of 16 and 17 may need to meet additional requirements. Adults over 18 must only demonstrate that they are no longer enrolled in school and have not already earned a high school diploma.

Once you have proven your eligibility, you will need to study for the exam to ensure that you are ready to pass each section of the test. You may also need to locate a testing center, and make arrangements for the day that you will take the test. On testing day, you will simply take your test and await your results. If you successfully pass each section, then you will be awarded your GED certificate.

Can You Get a GED Online?

In the past, the GED was a traditional paper and pencil test. Now, test takers have more options to help them earn their certificate. The majority of people who take the GED test choose to begin by studying online. You can use online study guides and practice tests to help you prepare for the test, bolstering your confidence regarding the test material. On testing day, you will use a computerized exam unless you require special accommodations to meet the needs of a disability.

How Much Does Getting a GED Cost?

The cost for getting a GED can vary slightly between each state that it is offered. Usually, you will pay for only the section of the test that you are taking at a time. The cost for earning your GED usually ranges between $100 and $150 depending upon the testing center rates along with your need to pay for additional assistance such as study guides and practice tests. Those who choose to take the different sections of the test on differing days find that getting a GED is quite affordable and easy to fit into their budget. The potential increase in income that you can enjoy once you earn your GED also makes any associated costs with the test worth it in the long run.

What Is Covered on The GED Test?

The GED test is designed to cover the concepts that one would expect to be covered during the core academic courses in a traditional high school. The four sections of the test are Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, and you will need to be able to successfully demonstrate your competency in each section to be awarded your certificate. Typically, those who have recently been to high school find it easy to quickly achieve a passing score, while people who have been out of school for many years may need additional study time.

The mathematics section of the test focuses heavily on algebra, and you will be allowed to use a calculator to perform the operations. For the Language Arts portion, you will read both fiction and non-fiction passages while being tasked with showing your ability to analyze arguments and use text-based evidence to support your reasoning. For those who choose to take all the sections at once, you can expect the GED test to take approximately seven hours. However, each section is broken down into shorter chunks of time that are more manageable if you choose to take them on separate days.

Are Free Practice Tests Available Online?

Taking advantage of free practice tests online is a smart way to keep your GED testing within your budget while also increasing your ability to make a passing score. The feedback that you get from free online practice tests is a reliable indicator of your ability to pass the GED test, and it gives you an edge for identifying the areas in which you need to improve. In fact, it is recommended to take as many practice tests as possible leading up to your actual testing day because it gives you more experience with handling these types of test questions.

There are many reasons why you might choose a GED over a traditional high school diploma, yet the ability to show employers and college admissions staff that you have mastered the equivalency of a high school education is worth the hard work. The best news is that you have more opportunities available for making studying for the GED test more convenient since online GED practice tests allow you to quickly see how well you have prepared. By fully understanding the process of earning your GED and utilizing the resources that you have available for mastering the skills, you can look forward to finally earning a certificate that fills you with pride.

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