Nov 3, 2016

7 Affordable European River Cruises to Know About

The River Cruise Line – England

This is a shorter cruise option with 3-4 day cruises up the Thames River, showcasing the best of England. The trip starts in London but wanders by 17 towns and cities including Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

This trip is especially remarkable for those who love English literature as many of these towns serve as inspiration for great works like The Wind in the Willows. You will become intimate with the English countryside as you cruise along.

The price for this river cruise is substantially lower than others, with it starting at around $220, making it a great addition to your European vacation.

Most river cruises have excellent amenities, include on-board food and entertainment so you can relax without having to worry about a lot of extra on board expenses or making decisions. There are so many choices with river cruising from Holland to Paris to the rural areas of Hungary and Romania. The hardest part about this vacation is picking where you want to go.

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