Nov 3, 2016

7 Affordable European River Cruises to Know About

Uniworld – Vienna to Prague

The 10 days you spend traveling up the Danube River from Vienna to Prague includes stunning art, medieval cities, Gothic cathedrals and glorious beauty of sheer cliffs and small baroque villages. This is the heart of the Habsburg Empire.

In Vienna, you will tour the historic capital and all its art. In Prague, you’ll see architecture that identified Gothic Renaissance in the baroque city. Some of the highlights of your trip will include touring the walled city of Nuremberg, looking at Italian art in Passau, and a taste of modern day micro-brewing in Straubing. You’ll also be able to take a bicycle along a path by the river and ride a horse-drawn wagon through the Bavarian Forest.

This river cruise is unique because it offers multi-generational family packages, so you can bring both children and grandparents for a fun time.

The cost of this cruise is $4,049 per person.

Boris Stroujko /

Boris Stroujko /

Grand Circle Cruise Line – Switzerland to the Netherlands

This 12-day affair is a Christmas cruise that brings out the magic of the Old World for the holidays. It includes stops in Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

This cruise on the Rhine includes villages with colorful holiday lights dotting the landscape and stopping at several Christmas markets along the river.

These markets are filled with handmade toys, ornaments, fresh baked bread and cookies and warm mulled wine. Entertainment includes the familiar Christmas carols like “O Christmas Tree” sung in their original language of German. Your trip also includes participating in German Christmas traditions and other activities, such as a baking demonstration. This is the most Christmas you will ever experience in a holiday.

Some of the best features of this cruise is what it includes. This cruise includes all meals on-board and, unlike traditional cruise lines, offers complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with dinner.

The price for this cruise is $2,745 per person and this includes international airfare.

S.Borisov /

S.Borisov /

Avalon – Brussels to Amsterdam

This 8-day cruise is an awesome vacation for those who love the beauty of tulips and windmills. The six stops include Antwerp, Ghent and then on to Holland to see Middelburg, Filemstad-Kindrdijk and Amsterdam.

A highlight of your trip, if you plan it for spring, will be a tour will be an excursion through the 70-acres of Keukenhof Gardens. Not only will you see lakes, sculpture gardens, greenhouse and a windmill, but you will be astounded at the beauty of seven million flower bulbs that include daffodils, tulips, crocuses.

A summer trip includes the historic city of Delft instead of the gardens. Delft is most known for its Delft Blue pottery.

You must call about the price for this cruise, but the line is offering 50 percent off certain dates.

Aleksey Stemmer /

Aleksey Stemmer /

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