Sep 29, 2016

20 Things to Understand About Low Testosterone

19. Weight Loss May Be Able to Treat It

A lot of medical researchers agree that the increasing rates of low testosterone might actually be caused by the rapidly growing obesity rates in the United States. This seems to happen because fat cells actually have an effect on testosterone levels.

A cell of fat naturally produces certain enzymes that convert testosterone into estradiol, a female sex hormone that is a form of estrogen. In women, this is a purposeful mechanism that allows fat around the hips and bust to synthesize more of the body’s required estrogen. However, when an otherwise healthy male becomes obese, this can cause diminished testosterone levels. Because fat cells seem to cause low testosterone, men can increase testosterone by losing weight. Therefore, diet and exercise have a massive effect on testosterone levels.

20. Low Testosterone May Cause Depression

Your hormones have a huge influence on your mood that is often overlooked. Though it is understandable to be more concerned about physical problems than a slight amount of moodiness, low testosterone can severely diminish a person’s quality of life. Without adequate amounts of testosterone, men can feel depressed, fatigued, and exhausted all the time.

In addition to the physical changes in your brain due to lower testosterone, the lack of confidence and energy due to low testosterone levels may further exacerbate depression. Treating this condition can help to alleviate depression and brighten a person’s mood.

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